KLEMM Bohrtechnik

A strong brand

We are constantly making progress in technology development and offering new and better solutions. Solutions to fulfill individual task requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness, reliability, safety and sustainability in the best possible way. Products conceived and developed from practice and for practice. Designed for POWER, right down to the details. By people who bring their passion and extensive expertise to the table every day. DYNAMIC POWER.

Our vision

Solutions which make specialised foundation engineering simpler, safer and more profitable.

4.000+ drilling rigs

Reliability, productivity and efficiency in tough conditions

250 people

The driving force, focused on innovative and sustainable solutions.

50+ years

As pioneers in anchor boring rig technology, we apply our shared experience and entire expertise.

1 goal

Making specialised foundation engineering simpler, safer and more profitable.

Our mission

Power you can rely on.


We are driven by four essential principles - reliability, customer orientation, efficiency and solution focus. We live these principles in practice on a daily basis - a basis for performance and customer benefits. We bring drive and team spirit to the expansion of our technological lead, solving our customers' problems every day - reliably and efficiently. Anyone who buys a KLEMM product can rely on us.

Power of Reliability

Reliability, Made in Germany. Customers can trust KLEMM because KLEMM drilling rigs are reliably designed for the most demanding drilling conditions. Every detail is well thought-out, perfected, high in quality, absolutely robust and contributes to the productive capability of the drilling rig. This offers safety and ensures the success of both KLEMM and its customers.

Power of Customer Focusing

Customer orientation. KLEMM sees itself as the partner of its customers. The goal is to use individual and intelligent solutions to supply drilling rigs that generate added value and competitive advantages in the workflow of the customer. KLEMM stands closely by its customers with respect to development, manufacturing and service.

Power of Efficiency

Efficiency. More power, lower costs and emissions. KLEMM drilling rigs are designed for sustainability, ecologically as well as economically. Continuous technological development defines the state of the art. The advantage: Efficient primary energy use, highest levels of productivity and durability optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Power of Solutions

Solutions. Tailor-made to fit exactly. Based on maximum vertical integration and a broad product palette, KLEMM develops drilling rigs that satisfy the specific drilling tasks of the customer. Using a customer-specific development process, KLEMM's designers and engineers implement the adaptations that precisely tune the configuration and performance of the respective drilling rig to the specific requirements.

Our claim

The quality reference in the market

KLEMM drilling rigs work with maximum reliability around the world and under the most severe utilisation conditions. The basis of this is product quality that sets standards in the market. The quality concept is firmly anchored within KLEMM Bohrtechnik; it is practised every day and is ensured by stringent quality management.

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Multiple quality strategy

KLEMM Bohrtechnik promotes product quality both internally and externally. Our management systems are regularly audited and certified, e.g.by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. The company process landscape is clearly defined and can be evaluated at any time, for any process, using key performance indicators. Opportunities and risks are regularly determined and evaluated.  Moreover, each year the company management at KLEMM Bohrtechnik defines quality goals, evaluates their attainment and further measures for the future in regular management reviews.

Continuous improvement

The KLEMM management systems ensure process and product audits independent of costs or turnover. Internal audits of our departments, carried out by our own employees, sharpen our eye for improvement of our processes and workplaces, whether that be QM, HSE, or our welding operation. The project-related, cross-departmental continuous improvement process (CIP) and the company's internal suggestion scheme also reinforce and optimise the quality of our products and services. This enables the continuous optimisation and long-term alignment of all business processes.

We as part of our society

Taking responsibility

We take responsibility for our society, our environment and for our employees. That's why our work is aligned towards partnerships and fair relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management system is the base for the sustainability policy at KLEMM.

Occupational safety

At KLEMM Bohrtechnik, occupational safety is a practised, dynamic process. Each month, the occupational safety representatives (HSE safety team) meet to identify possible hazards within the company and to implement measures for continuous improvement. Regular site inspections, toolbox meetings at workshop level, briefings on hazardous materials, registers for hazard analyses, implementation of relevant checks and also training and qualifications contribute towards making work at KLEMM as safe as possible.

Regular medical examinations for KLEMM employees that exceed the statutory standards are a fixed component of the KLEMM health concept. A central emergency management system that is available around the clock in the case of medical emergencies abroad is provided for KLEMM sales and service staff that travel worldwide.

Social responsibility

As an internationally orientated company, we acknowledge our social responsibility. The consistent goal of our actions is sustainable development in all respects. It is important to us that we consistently live up to our social responsibility. To achieve this, we harmonise the attainment of economic goals with social and ecological issues.

For KLEMM Bohrtechnik, this specifically means: We are economical with natural resources, we are involved in and help to shape the social environment of our sites, as a training enterprise we offer employment prospects for young people and offer our employees good, fair working conditions.

Certified product safety

All KLEMM drilling rigs are manufactured in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and the associated product standards, and are delivered throughout the world with CE conformity certification.

In addition to the internal conformity assessment, KLEMM Bohrtechnik arranges for type approval examinations to be carried out by an external testing and certification centre. Labelling of the KLEMM products with the Eurotest mark shows that they consistently comply with the EU Machinery Directive.

Consistent environmental protection

KLEMM Bohrtechnik focuses on sustainable management and hence very purposefully assumes responsibility for current and future generations. In line with this, resources are conserved and environmentally-compatible materials are used wherever possible. Waste water from production passes through an extensive cleaning process, all products are painted with low-solvent paints. Overspray is reduced by the use of electrostatic coating processes. Welding fumes and exhaust gas are extracted using modern filter systems, an energy-saving compressor generates the required compressed air. Regenerative energy is used to heat and cool the building. KLEMM also operates an in-house photovoltaic plant.
Furthermore, KLEMM drilling rigs are also the leaders in terms of energy efficiency and exhaust gas emissions reduction (CO2, NOx and soot particulates). One example is the patented system of power sharing, with which up to 15% fuel and the corresponding amount of CO2 can be saved.