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KLEMM Bohrtechnik is one of the international leading specialists in the development of especially high-grade, powerful and mobile drilling equipment with a total weight of up to 32 t. What's special:technological excellence that makes KLEMM drilling rigs an unstoppable DYNAMIC POWER.

The pioneer of anchor drilling rig technology

The development of mobile drilling systems to be used in specialised foundation engineering has been closely intertwined with the development of KLEMM Bohrtechnik as a company right from the start. Where the energy source was initially compressed air, huge increases in power and efficiency were the goal of mobile hydraulics. Today it is electric drive concepts and smart machine functions paving the way into the future. KLEMM drilling rigs set standards for the level of power, safety and quality of this particular construction machine. 

Across the globe, several thousand KLEMM drilling rigs are now used permanently - for example, for foundation and reinforcement work, for installing roads above and below ground, for dam seals, on drilling platforms and for developing renewable energy sources. Thanks to tried and tested technology and robust design, our systems can be used virtually anywhere and under almost any conditions. KLEMM Bohrtechnik provides comprehensive customer service, high-performance rental equipment and original spare parts.

Our business areas

Everything from one source.

Covering hydraulic drilling rigs up to approx. 32 t service weight, KLEMM supplies everything from a single source with a broad product palette in the business fields of drill heads and drilling accessories - for specialised foundation engineer

Lastest developments

Battery Electric Drilling Rig KLEMM KR 806-3E

Our contribution to de-carbonization – the newly developed, battery electric powered KR 806-3E. KLEMMs latest family member is just as powerful as the diesel powered KR 806-3GS - the same kinematics, and an adaption to the powerful double-head drilling systems and hydraulic hammers, have now been complemented with KLEMM Zero-Emission Technology.  This includes zero exhaust emissions, a considerable reduction in fine particle emissions and noise pollution, and a significant increase in energy efficiency. The main consumers are driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak power of 154 kW.

The battery is used to cover the peaks in power requirements, or it automatically re-charges itself when not being used for the drilling operation. One of the benefits of using the battery option, is operating the drilling rig without the use of cables – even when drilling at full capacity. When power supply on a jobsite is required the rig can simply be plugged into the power source by use of a 125 A / 400 V AC cable. At the BAUMA we will be presenting the KR 806-3E battery powered version (Backpack B10) – which weighs in at 22 ton.  We make special foundation an easy task!




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