Innovative Upgrade of our production

With a considerable investment of € 1.2 million, we are expanding our machining options and production capacities with a new five-axis machining centre from Reiden Technik AG.

The Swiss high-tech Reiden RX12 machine enables the machining of workpieces up to 1600 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in height, making it perfectly suited for large components like slides and slewing heads as well as complex parts such as gearbox housings and valve bodies. The 4-fold pallet changer ensures continuous production around the clock - even unmanned, right into the night!

To further integrate our production processes digitally, we have also invested in a tool presetting device and a shrinking unit from Haimer. With the new shrinking device, tools such as carbide milling cutters are fixed in the tool holder at great speed and with the utmost precision. The presetting device digitally transmits the correction data measured on the tools to the machining centre - for maximum efficiency! 

These investments set new standards in digitization, precision, efficiency and vertical integration of manufacture. Together with our experts Daniel and Leon, we are further expanding our expertise and performance!