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Manipulator attachment systems

HBR 120 | 122 | 124

The HBR 120 series has been developed for accident-free working. It includes compact manipulator systems with a patented, concentric gripper geometry for single and double rods. There are three sizes with different gripper claw arrangements for various rod diameter ranges. The manipulators also have a rotating and swiveling function. They have a safety control and are designed for reversible retrofitting to standard hydraulic excavators.

Functional principle: External manipulator

Requirement: (Mini) hydraulic excavator

Drilling system: Single or double rod

Clamping ranges:

HBR 120: 76 to 178 mm
HBR 122: 114 to 254 mm
HBR 124: 124 to 365 mm

Details and options

Vertical arrangement of the gripper claws

The vertical arrangement of the gripping jaws is useful if, for example, the drill rods are stored vertically.

Details and options

Horizontal arrangement of the gripper claws

The horizontal arrangement of the gripping jaws is useful if, for example, the drill rods are stored horizontally or slightly inclined.

Details and options

Joystick retrofitting

With the KLEMM concept of the HBR series, retrofitting a hydraulic excavator with the necessary control elements becomes very simple. Complex modifications to the hydraulic excavator's control system are no longer necessary.

Details and options

Attachment to hydraulic excavator

The installation of a rod manipulator from the KLEMM HBR series on a mini-excavator results in a versatile piece of equipment for the safe handling of drill rods, including double rod trips.

Details and options

Drill rod box

KLEMM rod box for vertical storage of 11 double rods

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